1. All Pennine deliveries may initially be made by articulated vehicle even if an order has specified rigid vehicles only.
  2. Our articulated vehicles are specifically designed to gain site access where many rigid vehicles cannot. They are all urban trailers, which are close coupled and have steering rear axles.
  3. In the event that the prime unit cannot gain access and providing there is a suitable parking area within 1 mile of site, deliveries will be made by road legal all terrain demountable fork lift. These units can access any site.
  4. Should access not be possible by the prime unit or where there is not a suitable parking area within 1 mile the goods will be returned back to our works.
  5. If such a delivery had been specified by the customer as requiring a rigid vehicle there will be no charge for abortive haulage. In addition, all future deliveries will be made by our 26 tonne rear steer rigid vehicles at no extra cost.
  6. If our 26 tonne rigid vehicle cannot then subsequently gain access all future deliveries will have to be made by smaller outside haulage rigid and chargeable to the customer. Rates will be determined by the Transport Manager. Such deliveries will not offer mechanical offload.
  7. Where no delivery vehicle has been specified at order stage and we cannot gain access with our articulated vehicles the customer will be charged for abortive delivery at a rate agreed by the Transport Manager. Any further deliveries made by our 26 tonne rigid will be subject to a rigid surcharge of £50.00 per delivery. Please note this will be in addition to any small load surcharge.