Catnic Lintels Accessories

AL Lintels Batavon offer a range of accessories to complement your specific Catnic Lintel requirements including:

Catnic Arch Centres
For the construction of segmental arches in brickwork. A vacuum formed arch unit for use over openings in external cavity walls – traditional and timber frame – providing permanent centering for brick arch construction.

AL Lintels Catnic Arch Centres

Catnic Lintel Stop Ends
Wind-driven rain that penetrates the external skin of a cavity wall will, under normal conditions, discharge off the ends of conventional lintels. However, with full fill cavity insulation and in area of severe exposure, large volumes of water can be released from lintel ends into and through insulation, creating dampness at internal reveals.

AL Lintels Catnic Stop Ends

Catnic Cavity Weep Vents
For ensuring removal of water from cavities. DPC and cavity tray installations over openings require weeps to discharge collected water from the cavity above.

 AL Lintels Catnic Lintel Accessories Cavity Weep Vents

Catnic Lintel Soffit Cladding
For improved protection Lintel Soffit Cladding provides extra protection, especially in coastal regions, and in situations where much of the lintel soffit is exposed and also offers improved appearance particularly suitable for use with PVC-U windows.

 AL Lintels Catnic Lintel Accessories-Soffit-Cladding>

Catnic External Plaster Key
Type PKS87 – Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10327:2004 of grade DX51D+Z275 the external plaster key provides a secure key for a rendered finish.

AL Lintels Catnic Lintel Accessories External Plaster Key