AL Lintels are able to offer a vast range of concrete lintels from stocked Pre-Stressed Concrete sections* to bespoke Pre-Cast and fairfaced sections.

Lintels are manufactured largely by the Slip-Form Method with the following materials specification applying to them:

Cement: Portland Cement to BS 12.
Aggregates – crushed rock: Sintered P.F.A and washed sand.
Prestressing Strand on Pre-Stressed concrete lintels: 9.3 dia. and 7.9 dia., wire strand to BS 3617, 1971.


  • Lighter to handle than conventional prestressed lintels.
  • Not dependent upon composite action with the brickwork.
  • Most Supreme textured lintels do not need strutting.
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete has a greater resistance to heat transmittance than dense aggregate concrete.
  • Quality and strength are maintained by strict supervision and the use of modern machinery.
  • *Pre-stressed concrete section have wire strand embedded in each section.